Kenya Short Term Insurance Industry Bulletin

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Kenya Short Term Insurance Industry Bulletin
  • Kenya Short Term Insurance Industry Bulletin
  • Year : Feb 2019
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This is the fourth Kenya Short Term Insurance Industry Bulletin from Global Credit Ratings Co. (“GCR”), covering the Kenyan short term insurance sector over the last five years. The purpose of this document is to provide a brief synopsis of the performance of industry participants and the operating environment.

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Section 1: Executive Summary

Section 2: Industry overview

2.1 Economic overview

2.2. Regulatory environment

2.3. Total short term insurance industry overview

2.3.1 Market composition

2.3.2 Premium income

2.3.3 Distribution channel diversification

2.3.4 Market segment diversification

2.3.5 Market concentration

2.3.6 Line of business diversification

2.3.7 Industry underwriting profitability

Section 3: GCR’s short term insurance sample overview

3.1. Premium income

3.2. Reinsurance

3.3 Underwriting account

3.4 Operating result

3.5 Net profitability

3.6 Asset management

3.7 Solvency and reserving

Section 4: Comparative Tables

Section 5: Summary Rating Reports- Short Term insurers

Section 6: Summary Rating Reports- Long Term insurers

Section 7: Summary Rating Reports- Reinsurers

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