Fox Street 6 (RF) Limited

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Fox Street 6 (RF) Limited
  • Fox Street 6 (RF) Limited
  • Year : Apr 2020
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Fox Street 6 (RF) Ltd is a Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (“RMBS”) Securitisation of home loans originated by Investec Bank Ltd (“Investec”) to its private banking clients. The Issuer issued Notes on 8 August 2018. This is Investec’s sixth Fox Street RMBS transaction. The credit ratings accorded to the Class A Notes relate to timely payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal, whilst the ratings on all other securities relate to ultimate payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal.

Additional Information

The output of the cash flow model leads directly to the ratings assigned to each Class of Notes. The modelling outcome is consistent with the level of Credit Enhancement of each respective Class and can be reasonably compared with the rating outcomes of the other Fox Street transactions rated by GCR, while taking cognisance of any specific attributes of the Fox Street 6 home loan portfolio and Transaction structure.

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