AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited

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AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited, Transaction 1, Series 1
  • AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited
  • Year :Sep 2020
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On 18 August 2020, GCR assigned an indicative short term issue credit rating to the R1.5bn Class A Notes to be issued by AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited (“AB Finco 2” or “the Issuer”), under the R15bn AB Finco Multi-Issuer Note Programme (the “Programme”) established in December 2019 and administered by Absa Corporate and Investment Banking (“Absa CIB”), a division of Absa Bank Limited.  Accordingly, the Terms and Conditions of the Programme apply.

Additional Information

The Security SPV, AB Finco 2 Security SPV (RF) Pty Limited was incorporated and registered as a private company with limited liability under the Companies Act, 2008. It is an insolvency remote, ring-fenced Special Purpose Vehicle whose activities are limited by the Transaction documents. The issued share capital of the Security SPV is held by the Security SPV Owner Trust. The Security SPV was established to hold and enforce the security in favour of the Noteholders of each transaction respectively, pursuant to the limited recourse guarantee it issues to such Noteholders.

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