H Young and Company (East Africa) Limited

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H. Young and Company (East Africa) Limited
  • H Young and Company (East Africa) Limited
  • Year : Nov 2020
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GCR placed the ratings for H. Young and Company (East Africa) Limited (“H. Young” or “the company”) on positive outlook. The positive outlook reflects the reduction in gross debt to 30 September 2020 and improvement in key gearing ratios, which are expected to strengthen further over the rating horizon. Additionally, H. Young’s strong competitive position serves to balance the challenging operating environment.

Additional Information

The positive outlook on H. Young reflects the significant reduction in debt to 30 September 2020 and likelihood that credit protection metrics will materially improve at FY21. Upwards ratings progression could result if GCR assesses the lower debt utilisation and firmer metrics improvement to be sustainable.

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