South African Short Term Insurance Bulletin

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South African Short Term Insurance Bulletin
  • South African Short Term Insurance Bulletin
  • Year : Feb 2019
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The South African Short Term Insurance Bulletin is prepared annually to provide clients with an analysis ofcindustry participants. In this regard, this year GCR has included 37 insurers in its sample, which includes multiline,cmonoline, cell captive and UMA sponsored insurers as well as other niche insurers. This represents the majoritycof the insurance market in terms of premium income (at around 75%).

Additional Information

Table of contents

Section 1 : Short term insurance industry overview

 Industry underwriting account

 Underwriting result

 Investment income

 Net profitability

 Industry assets

 Protection measures

 Reinsurance result

 Interim results

Section 2 : Analysis by class of insurance

 Gross written premium by class

 Underwriting account by class

 Property

 Transport

 Motor

 Accident

 Guarantee

 Engineering

 Liability

Section 3 : Comparative industry tables

 Comparative underwriting by class

 Market share and comparative ratios

 Income statement per classification

 Comparative balance sheets

Section 4 : Individual company STAR returns

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