Kenya Statistical Bank Bulletin

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Kenya Statistical Bank Bulletin
  • Kenya Statistical Bank Bulletin
  • Year :Jun 2014
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The comparative statistics contained in this bulletin are based on shared industry information pertaining to 43 financial institutions between December 2011 and December 2013, as supplied by GT Bank. The bulletin comprises the following sections: 

  1. Market share analysis – Comprising the market shares of the banks by total assets, net advances and deposits.
  2. Comparative statistics – Within a tabular format, we provide the reader with summarised balance sheets, income statements and selected ratios for each of the listed banks. 
  3. Graphical ranking by selected ratios – The top 10 commercial banks (in terms of total assets) and other financial institutions are ranked graphically by liquidity, capitalisation, earnings quality, efficiency and profitability.

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Section 1 : Market share analysis

Section 2 : Comparative statistics

2.1 Assets

2.2 Capital & liabilities

2.3 Earnings

2.4 Value drivers

2.5 Comparative ratios

Section 3 : Visual display of sector performance

3.1 Commercial banks

3.1.1 Profitability

3.1.2 Balance sheet strength

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