TUHF Urban Finance (RF) Ltd

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TUHF Urban Finance (RF) Ltd
  • TUHF Urban Finance (RF) Ltd
  • Year : Nov 2018
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TUHF Urban Finance (RF) Ltd is a first-time issuer that has a R2bn Mortgage Loan Backed Securitisation Scheme that plans to issue R385m of Class A Notes, R45m of Class B Notes, R20m of Class D Notes and R50m of Class E Notes during December 2018. The Class A Notes and Class B Notes will be rated by GCR, whilst the Class D Notes and Class E Notes will be unrated. The Class E Notes will be held by the Seller. The Notes constitute direct, limited recourse, secured obligations of the Issuer. The Notes of each Class rank pari passu among themselves. The Notes will not be redeemed during the Revolving Period phase. The Issuer may pre-fund assets (up to 10% of the Notes) on issuance. Such pre-funding will be used to purchase assets by the end of the Revolving Period.

Additional Information

The indicative, public credit ratings accorded to the Class A Notes relate to timely payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal by their Final Redemption Date, whilst the ratings on all other securities relate to ultimate payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal. The ratings exclude an assessment of the ability of the Issuer to pay either any (early repayment) penalties or any default interest rate penalties.

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