iMpumelelo CP Note Programme 1 (RF) Ltd

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iMpumelelo CP Note Programme 1 (RF) Ltd Series 1 Notes
  • iMpumelelo CP Note Programme 1 (RF) Ltd
  • Year : Feb 2021
3 Tokens
USD 300.00

The iMpumelelo Programme is a hybrid Serialised Note Programme that is fully supported by Absa Bank Ltd. The rating accorded to the abovementioned Notes relates to timely payment of interest and timely payment of principal. The rating excludes an assessment of the ability of the Issuer to pay any (early repayment) penalties. The rating accorded to the Series 1 Notes excludes the issuance of notes with a maturity of greater than one year.

Additional Information

The guarantee relates to the due, punctual and full payment and performance of all the Noteholders Guaranteed Obligations as well as the Issuer Guaranteed Obligations, being senior costs and expenses under the transaction documents. The Issuer has the option to request the guarantor to acquire an unremedied Defaulted Asset. The guarantee is an irrevocable and unconditional Absa Guarantee that covers defaults (including defaults on the assets) and any liquidity shortfalls that may be incurred by the Issuer due to timing mismatches between the maturity of the assets and that of the Notes.

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