AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited

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AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited -Transaction 3-Series 2 (2021-09)
  • AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited
  • Year : Sep 2021
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USD 150.00

The fact that the Notes are to mature on an earlier date than the Participating Assets makes the “price return” leg of the TRS a fundamental element of the Transaction. Without such feature, the principal of the Notes would not be able to be repaid in full from the proceeds of the Participating Assets upon their disposal, should the market price of these Assets at Notes redemption be lower than their Initial Price.

Additional Information

The Security SPV, AB Finco 2 Security SPV (RF) Pty Limited was incorporated and registered as a private company with limited liability under the Companies Act, 2008. It is an insolvency remote, ring-fenced Special Purpose Vehicle whose activities are limited by the Transaction documents. The issued share capital of the Security SPV is held by the Security SPV Owner Trust.

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