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CapitalSage Limited (2021-07)
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  • Year : Sep 2021
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CapitalSage has reported strong cash flows over the two-year period on the back of good earnings. While the cash flows have been sufficient to cover operations and have reduced the need for debt, the planned expansion drive is expected to create some funding pressures, likely necessitating future debt support. However, the ability to scale up earnings should see cash flow and leverage metrics within moderate level over the medium-term rating horizon if debt is eventually raised.

Additional Information

CapitalSage Limited (formerly CreditAssist Investment Limited) is an integrated digital financial service group. The Company was incorporated in July 2018 and commenced operation in October 2018. Its product offerings include agency banking, online savings, payment solutions, investments, and fund diversification, and these are anchored on its three strategic pillars of financial inclusion, entrepreneurship development and wealth creation. The Stable Outlook reflects GCR’s expectation that earnings and cash flow will remain strong, supportive of a moderate creditworthiness. Even if debt is raised to support the expansion drive, GCR does not expect this to have a significant negative impact on CapitalSage’s financial profile in the short-term, with net debt to EBITDA anticipated to register within 2x, and funds from operations to net debt ratio above 30%.

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