AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited

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AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited, Transaction 1, Series 2 (2021-09)
  • AB Finco 2 (RF) Limited
  • Year : Sep 2021
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USD 300.00

This is the second Series of Notes to be issued under the first Transaction entered into by the Issuer, which is, in turn, the second Issuer to issue Notes under the Programme. The various Series of Notes issued by the first Issuer (“AB Finco 1”) are also rated by GCR, as are the Notes issued by the AB Finco 2 under two further Transactions – Transaction 2 and Transaction 3. The Notes were issued under Series 2 (hereafter referred to as “the Transaction”) of Transaction 1 of the Issuer. The terms and conditions applicable to the various Transactions that the Issuer may enter into are laid out in the Applicable Issuer Supplement.

Additional Information

The Issuer entered into a master bond Total Return Swap (“TRS”) confirmation agreement with Absa CIB as Derivative Counterparty. In terms of the TRS, the Issuer swaps income earned on the Participating Assets for a specified return each quarter. Upon termination of the TRS, the Issuer will dispose of the Participating Assets it holds, pay to or receive from the Derivative Counterparty a Total Return Amount based on the difference between the initial price of the Participating Assets as at Notes Issue Date and the final price as at TRS termination, and redeem the Notes, having the requisite funds to do so through the Total Return Amount.

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