Urban Ubomi 1 (RF) Ltd

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Urban Ubomi 1 (RF) Ltd (2021-12)
  • Urban Ubomi 1 (RF) Ltd
  • Year : Dec 2021
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Proceeds of the Existing Notes issuance, together with the proceeds of the Subordinated Loan, were used by the Issuer to acquire a pool of Loan Agreements together with their Related Security, which includes, inter alia, Mortgage Bonds, Guarantee SPV Guarantees and Insurance Policies (the “Participating Assets”). The Loan Agreements, which were originated by TUHF Limited (“TUHF”), are provided to small and medium sized companies and entrepreneurs who use the capital to fund predominantly residential property investments in the inner cities of South Africa.

Additional Information

The indicative ratings reflect the outcome of GCR’s cash flow model, in which the cash flows of the transaction as per its indicative capital structure post issuance of the New Notes are simulated in multiple stress scenarios. Each scenario embodies differing default and recovery rates and distributions, prepayment rates and interest rate parameters. Each successively stressful group of scenarios relates to a commensurately higher rating level.

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