Credit Insurance Zimbabwe Limited

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Credit Insurance Zimbabwe Limited (2022-03)
  • Credit Insurance Zimbabwe Limited
  • Year : Mar 2022
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Credsure is a small player in the domestic market, with the traditional focus on credit business having been expanded into a combination of generalised and specialist UMAs during the FY19 restructuring. In this regard, the underwriter’s risk spectrum is limited relative to other domestic insurers. Credsure accounted for 1.1% of the market’s gross premiums and was almost half the size of an average underwriter in FY20, with gross premiums of c.USD1.2m (FY19: c.USD0.9m; FY18: USD3.2m). Furthermore, more than 70% of gross premiums are ceded, significantly constraining the risk base.

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The Evolving Outlook reflects uncertainty over the direction of liquidity metrics due to instability in investment portfolio composition and growth, amidst a hyperinflationary environment, as well as little predictability of real gross premium growth trends over the medium term. The rating could be upgraded if earnings and liquidity improve on a sustainable basis. Conversely, a further reduction in liquidity metrics below expectations could result in a rating downgrade.

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