iVuzi Investments (RF) Limited

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iVuzi Investments (RF) Limited (2022-04)
  • iVuzi Investments (RF) Limited
  • Year : Apr 2022
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iVuzi can acquire Financial Assets, Rated Securities and Participating Eligible Investments up to its R15bn limit, subject to Eligibility Criteria and without prior review by GCR, through the utilisation of proceeds of the issuance of Notes that are limited to a maximum maturity of one year. The Issuer’s assets and liabilities are measured on an ongoing basis at their present values (“accreted values”), which are utilised to calculate the liquidity and credit enhancement requirements in the structure from month to month.

Additional Information

Nevertheless, despite the reduction in the weighted average credit quality of the Participating Assets, and partially thanks to the available credit enhancement the structure is commensurate with a ‘A1+(ZA)(sf)’ rating. GCR will continue to monitor the exposure and credit quality of the underlying assets and may take rating action should the credit quality significantly deteriorate without a commensurate increase in the credit enhancement.

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